Maritime Agency Klyf

Maritime Agency Klyf ltd. is most active in the following fields of business :

  • Full scale Shipagency services in Odessa,Ilichevsk,Yuzhny and Nikolaev ports;
  • Voyage & Time Chartering;
  • Shipmanagement;
  • Shipbroking;
  • S & P
  • Logistics and Project transportation;
  • Freight Forwarding;
  • Marine Insurance;
  • Legal Advise;

As shipagents we are acting in the Ukrainian ports Odessa, Ilychevsk, Yuzhny and Nikolaev and at present moment we are developing our activity in Kherson.

Being in close relations with port officials of above mentioned ports we can work out any task which set by our principals. Safety and environmental protection are of critical importance to the company.

Maritime Agency Klyf ltd. serves all vessels at a high safety standard free of environmental damage.
The management and employees of the Agency acknowledge that safety is the responsibility of everyone employed by the company and compliance with this policy as well as the implementing procedures is vital.
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Our main ports:

Odessa Illichevsk