Ukraine/Port of Ilichevsk

Lat 46'18'N; Long 30'39'E; situated on the NW shore of the Black Sea, approx 25km SW from Odessa City. Year round Navigation; icebreaker assistance required for about 30days in severe winters.

Authority address:
Sea Commercial Port of Ilichevsk, Odessa region 270901, Truda 6, Tel:+380(482)691605, Fax:+380(482)668067, TLX: (680) 232115 MTR UX

Approach: Leading Lights of the Sukhoy Liman should be followed when proceeding to port. A traffic separation scheme is in operation for the vessels approching from the SE, and is indicated on the charts.There is a traffic roundabout wher the onward route to Odessa branches NNW.The approach channel is 1200 m long, width 140 m and the depth is 13.5 mtrs' speed is limitated to 6 knts.The draught of inbound vessels must not exceed 11.5 mtrs.

Anchorage can be obtained in the outer roads SE of the port entrance, at distance of about 2 miles offshore, in a debth of 20 m; holding ground mud and clay. There is a separate anchorage area for vessels of up to 5000 grt. The outer roads are exposed to winds blowing from the NE to SW through S.

Compulsory.Pilot boards at the outer roads in the vicinity of the mid-channel light buoy. In the event of bad weather, the place of embarkation may be changed. Navigation is permitted at any time of the day or night.All vessel movements in the port limits are regulated from the port control station, from where traffic control lights are exhibited from a mast 52 m in height.

Largest Vessel:
Max permissible length is 280 m, max d 11.8 m.

Port terminals & piers:
Terminal No.1
pier No.01 - berth line=306m/draft=12,60m
pier No.02 - berth line=300m/draft=09,50m
pier No.03 - berth line=200m/draft=09,30m
pier No.04 - berth line=120m/draft=09,80m
pier No.05 - berth line=155m/draft=12,00m
pier No.06 - berth line=181m/draft=12,00m
Terminal No.2
pier No.07 - berth line=220m/draft=09,20m
pier No.08 - berth line=180m/draft=08,90m
pier No.09 - berth line=200m/draft=09,60m
pier No.10 - berth line=221m/draft=09,60m
pier No.11 - berth line=200m/draft=09,70m
pier No.12 - berth line=200m/draft=10,00m
pier No.14 - berth line=175m/draft=10,00m
pier No.15 - berth line=175m/draft=10,40m
pier No.16 - berth line=200m/draft=10,30m
pier No.17 - berth line=200m/draft=10,50m
Terminal No.3
pier No.18 - berth line=160m/draft=07,50m
pier No.19 - berth line=220m/draft=08,60m
pier No.20 - berth line=200m/draft=08,00m
pier No.21 - berth line=200m/draft=08,10m
pier No.22 - berth line=200m/draft=08,20m
pier No.23 - berth line= 90m/draft=05,40m
pier No.24 - berth line=150m/draft=05,00m
pier No.26 - berth line=210m/draft=07,60m
pier No.27 - berth line=210m/draft=07,60m
pier No.28 - berth line=270m/draft=08,70m
Entering and existing draft of the port 11,80m and on approaching channel 13,40m.

Port area comprises three basins.There are 28 commercial berths located in the Outer Basin with various depthe along side up to 14m. Mooring buoys also lie in the Outer Basin and new berths for LASH vessels have recently come into operation. There is a fish quay situated on the NE side of the port complex with hightly mechanised storage facilities. Rail connections to all berth available.

Port facilities & equipment:
The port has 90 units of portal cranes with 5-40ts capacity; 12 units of container re-loaders with 35-45ts capacity; 4 units of bridge re-loaders with 10-20ts capacity 22 units of jib cranes with 5-50ts capacity; 4 units of floating cranes with 5-100-300ts capacity and one unit of floating grain re-loader with 400ts/hour capacity.The port offers specialized facilities for handling have lifts (max 300ts UW). All piers are equipped with railway tracks, some with upto 10 on-shore lines, enabling to operate with upto 500 railcars per day.

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