Port of Odessa Ukraine

Lat 46 29' N; Long 30 45' E. Situated on the NW shore of the Black Sea, in the SW part of Odessa Bay. Year round navigation; ice-breaker assistance required for about 30 days in severe winters.

Port of Odessa Authority, Vakulenchuka Square 1, Odessa 65004, Tel: (0482) 226631, Telex: 412677 BSSC SU, Officials: General Director: N.P. Pavliuk. Deputy General Directors: V.S.Batrachenko and A.T. Serik. Chief Despetcher : Sergey Shostak Harbour master: A.N. Kharitoshin.

In accordance with the Traffic Separation Scheme in operation together with the ports of Ilyichevsk and Novorossiysk. All are included on the charts. Dredged entrance channel 91.4 m wide with a least depth of 13.8 m, marked by leading light beacons, light buoys and spar buoys. The speed of a vessel should not exceed 4 knots when passing through the channel, or in the port area.

Anchorage can be obtained to the N of Reydovyy (Road-stead) Mole in depths ranging from 8.4 m to 14.2 m; holding ground mud and shell. There is a special anchorage for tankers and other deep draught vessels.

Compulsory. Pilot boards in the anchorage area in the vicinity of Vorontsovskiy Lighthouse, or Anchorage No 64 for tankers and other vessels carrying dangerous cargoes. 24 hour service. Masters of vessels should advice the Port Authority of their ETA and request the services of a pilot 24 hours prior arrival, with confirmation 6h prior. For leaving the port or moving berth, the request should be made 2h in advance. Navigation is permitted at any time of day or night. All movements of vessels in the ports limits are regulated from the Port Control and Radar Station located on quay No2 of Karantinnyy (Quarantine) Mole. Mooring and unmooring cannot be carried out during winds exceeding force 6 on the Beaufort Scale.

Radio Frequency Information:
Port call sign UDE. Odessa Radio: 500, 454 & 2182 kHz (calling); 500, 447 & 2182 kHz(working).
Odessa Radio 1, Port Control : VHF Channel 16,156.8 mHz. Odessa Radio 17,
Harbour Master: VHF Channel 9, 156.45 mHz. Odessa Radio 8, Movements control: VHF Channel 67, 156.375 mHz.

Prevailing winds from N direction; those from the NNE and NNW being the strongest.

Larges Vessel:
116283 dwt, 266.5 m loa

Port protected on E side by various moles and on the N side by the jetties of the Oil Harbour. The port area consists of several harbours and comprises 39 berths with depths alongside ranging from 7 m to 11.5 m A wide variety of cargoes are handled. There are berths for passenger vessels on Voyennyy Mole which are capable of accommodating six ocean-going liners simultaneously and are served by a modern and spacious passenger terminal. Facilities for handling LASH vessels at the reconstructed Karantinnyy Mole.

Single and multi-floor warehouses and concrete open storage areas are available. There is also a cold store.

Numerous electric portal cranes of up to 45t cap; floating cranes up to 100t cap and various other cargoes handling equipment.

Port main terminals/facilities:
"Olimpex coupe terminal" operate with fertilizers, scrap & steel cargoes at
pier No.03 - berth line=230m/draft=11,70m
pier No.04 - berth line=270m/draft=11,50m
"Metalsukraine terminal" operate with steels, grains & general cargoes at
pier No.07 - berth line=350m/draft=11,50m
pier No.08 - berth line=280m/draft=09,50m
"Novolog terminal" operates with steels & general cargoes at
pier No.10 - berth line=200m/draft=11,50m
pier No.11 - berth line=180m/draft=11,50m
pier No.12 - berth line=200m/draft=11,60m
pier No.13 - berth line=200m/draft=11,70m
"Interterminal" operates with steels,grains, scrap & general cargoes at
pier No.14 - berth line=270m/draft=09,90m
"Passenger terminal" operates with cruise & farry ships only pier Nos.15,16,17,18,19
"Petrex terminal" operates with steels,grains, baged & general cargoes at
pier No.21 - berth line=150m/draft=08,80m
pier No.22 - berth line=150m/draft=09,00m
pier No.23 - berth line=240m/draft=09,20m
"IronImpex terminal operates with steels,scral, grains & general cargoes at
pier No.25 - berth line=200m/draft=10,00m
pier No.26 - berth line=200m/draft=10,00m
"Brooklyn-Kyev terminal" operates with steels, grains,sugar & general cargoes at
Silo pier No.30 - berth line=200m/draft=09,80m
Silo pier No.31 - berth line=200m/draft=09,80m
pier No.32 - berth line=170m/draft=11,20m (max ship LOA=200m)
pier No.33 - berth line=170m/draft=11,50m (max ship LOA=200m)

Container and Ro/Ro Facilities:
Container terminal equipped with highly mechanised and powerful container handling equipment. Ro/Ro vessels can be accommodated at the port. Ore and Bulk Cargo Facilities: Grain terminal at Berth No 7, two pneumatic unloaders each operating up to 300t/h. Sugar terminal, highly mechanised facility where sugar can be transferred direct from vessels to railway wagons. Other bulk cargoes handled include bauxite and mineral building materials.

Tanker Terminals:
The Oil Harbour is situated at N part of the port and is protected by a mole. There are five oil berth sand the channel to the berths is 1600m long,125m wide and has a least depth of 13.6m. A new tanker berth has come into operation for large tankers and reports state that the channel has been dragged to accommodate the larger vessels at the terminal.

Ship repairs:
Odessa Shiprepair Yard, Tel: (0482) 238262, Fax:(0482)235233, Telex: 232267. Floating docks with lifting cap of 6000t, 15000t and 27000t to accommodate vessels up to 200 m loa and 300m beam.

Tugs, ice-breakers and salvage vessels are available.

Principal Imports and Expots:
Imports: Raw sugar, citrus fruits, canned food, jute, mill cake, general cargo. Exports: Machinery, machine tools, paper, cellulose, chemicals, general cargo.

Medical Facilities:
Port hospital and medical centre.

16 km from port.

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